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Reliant Finishing Systems offers electric and gas powered pre-treatment systems designed to clean and prepare parts for powder coating or painting. We offer wet and dry steam units, specialized pressure washers with chemistry or detergent injection, chemistry retention platforms, and related powder coating equipment. All of our products are specifically designed for cleaning and phosphatizing metal surfaces. They offer quick start-up, easy operation and direct application of chemicals with minimal waste. This reduces substrate preparation costs, increases pre-treatment versatility and allows you to efficiently prepare varying quantities of parts for coating.

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Is Pre-Treatment Part of Your Operation? We Can Help.

Reliant’s most popular systems are designed for coaters who have an ongoing need for metal cleaning and pre-treatment prior to powder coating or painting, and have personnel available to manually treat their products before a coating is applied. These systems utilize a cart or skid-mounted base unit with pumps and heating apparatus, permanently mounted controls in a NEMA rated enclosure, premium quality hoses and fittings, and one or more handheld spray wands. The freedom of movement offered by using a handheld spray wand enables an operator to easily and efficiently prepare racks of parts in a single batch or quickly prep large, oddly contoured or complex parts for finishing. Reliant’s spray wand systems produce the same high quality results as expensive automated multi-stage parts washers, but at a fraction of the cost.

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Not Just Clean, but Consistently Clean. Everytime.

A clean, receptive surface is required for maximum adhesion by all powder and paint finishes. Steam cleaning is excellent for removing grease and oil, dissolving resins, de-icing, flushing away chemical residue, etc. Hot water/high-pressure washing cuts through encrusted dirt, grime, and other dried on substances. Cold water/high-pressure washing or rinsing is great for light duty clean up or residue removal.

All of our systems deliver detergents or pre-treatment chemicals into the discharge wand downstream of the heating components. They have the ability to apply the latest gels and foams that have been developed for hard-to-clean surfaces, and they are engineered to meet the demands of high-production environments. Precise chemical injection ensures consistent output for consistent pre-treatment results from batch to batch. 

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Reliant offers systems developed by Electro-Steam, PEM and Sioux. Certain models can apply chemicals at either heated or ambient temperature and at high or low pressure for maximum versatility. Other models allow for both steam and conventional pressure washing or provide a “dry” steam wash that generates very little water to capture or discard. Chemical reclamation features and redundant filtration on upgraded systems allow the operator to safely and effectively maximize the use of costly chemical additives and pre-treatment solutions without compromising finish quality. Many of basic models can be retrofitted with components that allow reclamation.

Users of chemical pre-treatment devices typically lower their coating expenses and improve product quality through better coating adhesion, increased coating consistency, fewer QC rejections, faster throughput and improved corrosion protection for finished parts.

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Contact one of our specialists today if you would like to learn more about our steam generators and pre-treatment washers. We’ll be glad to help you determine if manual pre-treatment using a spray wand system is a good fit for your coating operation.