On-site Training

Improve Your Operation With On-Site Training

There’s no better way to learn about powder coating than to do it on your own equipment! Our experts can quickly and efficiently introduce operators to the basics of powder coating equipment operation, as well as “best practices” for coating in their work environment. We also offer intermediate and advanced training for specific coatings or applications.

Some of the topics that trainers typically cover include:

Hands-On Operator Training 

We’ll focus on kV, µA, powder, and air recipes for specific parts. We’ll show operators how to adjust, fine-tune and save settings on electrostatic powder guns from Wagner, Gema or Nordson. We’ll coach operators on how to deal with the Faraday cage effect, how to best coat parts with large flat surfaces, how to estimate powder usage, etc.

Care and Maintenance of Guns and Pumps

We’ll identify and discuss common wear parts and talk about issues like impact fusion and proper powder fluidization. We’ll educate operators about the importance of proper grounding techniques and explain how the equipment charges the powder.

Review of Common Quality Issues 

In addition to talking about grounding of parts, we’ll cover in detail the most effective methods for parts pre-treatment and substrate preparation. We’ll discuss contamination issues and their causes. We’ll educate operators about the significance of compressed air quality and explain powder conditioning techniques.

Safety Training

We’ll show operators how to properly use respirators, dust masks, and supplied air hoods. We’ll discuss proper operator grounding techniques. We’ll explain what can cause arcing during the coating process. We’ll identify and test fire safety controls on automatic powder coating guns.

Throughput Improvement

We’ll perform a work flow evaluation of the entire coating process. We’ll cover different racking techniques and parts hanging configurations. We’ll help identify ideal part loading densities for different parts. We’ll discuss refinements to current coating methods and help evaluate possible alternatives to current chemistry, blast media, coating equipment, powder media, etc. We’ll provide consultation on the best ways to improve your coating line’s productivity.

Quality Improvement

We’ll discuss powder defects and potential causes. We’ll also explain and perform various quality checks used to evaluate end finish quality. We’ll cover adhesion tests, solvent rubs, dry film thickness readings, impact tests, salt spray ratings, QUV accelerated weathering tests and related ASTM standards, Florida exposure capabilities testing, etc. We’ll provide consultation on cost-effective ways to take your shop’s quality to the next level. ISO training available.

Coating Equipment Review

We’ll provide performance checks on your pre-treatment, coating and curing equipment. We’ll identify potential problems with the operators and discuss solutions. We’ll cover common maintenance issues. We’ll perform an in-depth oven check with rebalancing and probe calibration testing. We’ll provide consultation on the most affordable ways to get high quality results from the equipment you already have in place, and point out possible repairs, upgrades or improvements that can help you get better results from your coating line.