Industries Served


Reliant supports the finishing and refinishing industries, including fabricators and manufacturers who finish their own products. We build equipment for finishing retail goods, trailers, automotive parts, marine and aircraft components, heavy equipment, industrial machinery, playground equipment, ATV/UTV/OHV accessories, sporting goods, hardware, and fasteners, as well as architectural products, handrail, and housings for devices that will be stored outdoors. Our finishing equipment can be scaled to work with large or small products and customized to meet the requirements of a particular finishing process.

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Our blasting, surface prep, coating, and curing enclosures are available in sizes suited for all types of parts and assemblies. We offer refinishing systems for refurbishment of handrails, structural steel, and catwalks, as well as for use with auto body collision repair and industrial equipment refurbishment.

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The implementation of processes such as e-coating and the use of waterborne paints has changed finishing equipment requirements in recent years, and we have the equipment you need to get the best results. Reliant ovens, washers, spray booths, and blast rooms are available in batch and constant process versions.

Foam & Plastics

The low density of solid foams makes them especially useful as thermal insulators and flotation devices. High resiliency foams are often used for bedding and upholstery. The light weight and compressibility of foam makes it ideal for packing materials, inserts, and parts backing. Foam components are also integrated into cars, trucks, and recreational vehicles of all types.

plastic products
foam products

The manufacture of polymer parts is critical for the production of countless consumer products, industrial components, military hardware, and aerospace vehicles. Polymers are used in many retail packaging materials. Poly piping and tubing is critical to the medical, scientific, food processing, and utilities industries. It has unique curing parameters and requires specialized curing equipment.

Reliant offers high-performance curing ovens for use with a variety of foams and plastics. Reliant ovens have been utilized by our clients to cure inflatable military watercraft, vacuum-formed parts for medical devices, reusable parts carriers, and the foam inserts used in new car dashboards. Reliant ovens can be configured to meet the curing needs of our clients, regardless of part size or throughput requirements.


Composite materials are used for numerous applications, ranging from aerospace, marine, and automotive components to products that are critical to the medical and high-tech fields. Composites are strong, light, durable, resistant to corrosion, and often somewhat flexible. They are frequently used for applications where light weight is critical and heavy stress is anticipated.

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Reliant provides composite curing ovens for a variety of diverse uses. Our equipment is utilized by commercial aviation, aerospace, and military clients to cure composite aircraft components and other mission-critical parts. Reliant industrial curing ovens are also a perfect fit for the needs of many renewable energy providers. We offer ovens for thermal processing of high-exposure components that are required by energy providers that utilize wind and solar power production.

Metals & Alloys

Metal and alloy parts are used throughout the automotive and industrial machinery manufacturing industries, as well as being a key ingredient in medical implants, tools, and millions of popular consumer goods, such as aftermarket wheels. Alloy components are always in high demand for aerospace and military applications.

The heat treatment of parts and materials in precisely controlled oven atmospheres is critical to many manufacturers. Heat treating involves the use of one or more processes to alter the physical, and sometimes chemical, properties of the part or material being treated. Almost all metal and alloy parts receive some type of heat treatment.

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Reliant builds ovens that are custom configured to work with components of all shapes and sizes. Our heat treating equipment can be used for stress relieving, tempering, aging, and annealing. Using Reliant equipment, our clients can efficiently treat components and consistently give them specified traits that improve their performance.

Custom Thermal & Environmental Processing

The use of ovens and environmental rooms extends beyond conventional manufacturing industries. Reliant has provided ovens used to dehydrate food, environmental rooms used with sensitive robotic circuit board assemblers, curing towers used by automobile manufacturers for integration with massive material handling systems, parts drying ovens that also served to provide shop heat, small atmospheric enclosures that provided a clean environment for the automated manipulation of thimble-like parts, ovens used to dry adhesive patches on reconditioned rubber products, and multi-purpose blasting, coating, and curing enclosures used for reconditioning military vehicles, ovens used for testing the characteristics of thin alloy panels, and other unique processing appliances.

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