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Clean Smarter and Faster With Our Automated Industrial Parts Washers.

To get the best finish possible, you need to start with the cleanest parts! 

Our pretreatment parts washers are constructed from high-strength polycarbonate or stainless steel for proven longevity and corrosion resistance. They can be designed to fit your existing coating system or integrated into a new industrial painting or powder coating line from Reliant Finishing Systems. Reliant multi-stage industrial parts washers can be used with steel, aluminum, or alloy parts.

For steel parts, pretreatment chemicals containing iron phosphate are the most popular. Automatic spray systems are generally the most effective and consistent way to apply iron phosphate chemistry. Multi-stage parts washers that spray the parts with pretreatment agents like iron phosphate are typically part of an automated coating line where the parts travel by conveyor at a pre-set rate. A multiple stage pretreatment system can have as few as 2 stages or as many as 9 or more stages. 

Other popular chemistries utilize zinc phosphate, zirconium, or other agents. For higher-end finishes, particularly for architectural applications or where parts will be installed outdoors, multiple applications of pretreatment chemistry create an excellent corrosion barrier. Other agents in the chemistries clean the parts to allow for nearly defect-free finishes when the proper powder coating or paint is applied.

Our energy-efficient and highly effective pretreatment wash systems are customizable for use with all types of conveyorized or fully automated finishing lines. Need a manual solution for cleaning parts and preparing them for painting or powder coating? Check out our manual industrial parts washers that enable operators to use high- or low-pressure detergent/chemistry spray wand systems or utilize dry steam for parts pretreatment. These are perfect for off-line parts preparation or for use in a batch coating environment.

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Our automated wash systems typically include one or more heated (typically up to 130°F) cleaning and pretreatment stages, combined with ambient rinsing and sealing, to prepare parts for coating. We can design a system to meet whatever chemical pretreatment needs you may have. These systems can easily be sized to accommodate your parts mix, line speed, and throughput requirements. 

Through the use of removable side panels or personnel doors, each stage is fully accessible for quick adjustment, cleaning, and maintenance. Reliant pretreatment washers feature fully adjustable and easily replaceable spray nozzles to minimize downtime.

Our modular poly wash systems are typically less expensive, have a smaller footprint, and are easier to service and maintain. For larger parts, our stainless models are fully customizable for ideal results from your pretreatment process.

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Multi-Stage Parts Washers: 3-Stage, 5-Stage, Or More For Perfect Chemical Pretreatment Of Your Parts

We offer multi-stage washers with up to eleven stages. They utilize entrance and exit vestibules to isolate pretreatment activities from the shop environment. Our most popular models are three-stage and five-stage parts washing systems. A typical 3-stage industrial parts washer cleans, rinses, and seals the surface of the parts before paint or powder coating is applied. In the first stage, the parts usually go through a heated cleaning process that uses a detergent or detergent/pretreatment chemistry combination. The parts travel through a drip space where excess liquid falls onto a drain board. This is typically followed by ambient rinsing, and then the parts get a final rinse or a sealant is applied. With our 5-stage industrial parts washers, there is an additional stage for a second heated pretreatment chemistry application, followed by an additional ambient rinse before the final rinse or sealant stage. For more information on our a

utomated multi-stage industrial wash systems, give us a call, shoot us an email, or use our brief online contact form. Our finishing equipment experts will be happy to answer questions about parts pretreatment and can help you with any other powder coating, painting, or curing equipment questions you may have.

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