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Reliant designs, builds, and installs turn-key thermal processing solutions, but we can easily integrate our ovens into systems that are designed or supplied by other companies. We manufacture catalog, semi-custom, and fully customized industrial ovens. We build primarily gas-fueled ovens. We offer both “batch” type ovens and constant process ovens, as well as fully automated continuous process curing systems. If you’re considering a new oven or equipment package, please take time to contact us. We’re confident that you’ll be pleased with our pricing, lead times, customer support, and outstanding products.

All Reliant ovens are proudly designed and built in the USA. We manufacture incredibly fuel-efficient industrial ovens featuring proprietary forced-induction heat systems with unmatched responsiveness.

Our touch screen or push button controls allow you to precisely control oven performance. Finer control assures consistent results and reduced fuel waste—increasing your profits.

We send a factory-authorized technician to calibrate and test every industrial oven we sell, so you’ll be up and running safely and efficiently as fast as possible.

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Since 2005, we’ve continually improved and refined our designs. We’ve expanded our offerings to include a variety of specialized high-performance industrial ovens. At the same time, we’ve added personnel to provide consulting, technical support, and on-site services. We’ve also stocked a huge array of maintenance and repair parts to minimize client downtime. Our clients enjoy the benefits of our constant devotion to both product improvement and support after the sale. In fact, we offer free telephone support by our process and equipment experts for the life of our equipment.

Because Reliant builds and ships large-scale equipment every week, we earn substantial volume discounts on major components like steel, insulation, fans, motors, controls, and burners. Our pricing reflects the fact that we pass these savings along to our clients. Since we’ve cut out “middle men” like distributors and sales reps, you get factory-direct pricing and attentive support directly from the people who design and build your equipment. Nobody offers comparable industrial ovens for less, and nobody supports their customers more thoroughly!

Here’s more information about the different types of industrial ovens we offer:

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Reliant Industrial Curing Ovens

We’ve manufactured over 1,000 curing ovens for finishing applications, such as curing powder coated or painted parts. We also manufacture spray enclosures for applying wet paint or powder coating media, and we offer package discounts to clients who need more than just an oven.

We offer over 200 different walk-in and truck-in sized curing ovens in our current product line. Our standard catalog model curing ovens feature operating temperatures that can range from as low as 125°F to as high as 500°F. We also offer custom models that can operate at slightly lower or considerably higher temperatures.

In addition to finishing equipment, one of the fastest-growing portions of our business is the manufacture of large ovens for low temperature curing situations. We offer specialized ovens designed for curing composite materials, typically for aerospace clients. We’ve also built numerous ovens specifically for curing foam, especially for the automotive industry.

In addition to ovens for curing paint, powder, Styrofoam, and composites, Reliant provides a wide range of ovens for curing adhesives, varnishes, rubber products, epoxies on electronic components, and uniquely-shaped parts such as axles, tool handles, and golf club shafts.

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Burn-Off Ovens

We manufacture very affordable burn-off ovens that operate at slightly lower temperatures but have longer cycle times. We also offer higher temperature burn-off ovens with precisely controlled burn-off cycles.

We have over 25 walk-in/truck-in sized burn-off oven models. Our standard catalog models feature operating temperatures that vary from as low as 650°F to as high as 900°F. Custom models are available in smaller sizes.


The most popular application for burn-off ovens is removing the finish from hooks and hangers that no longer provide a reliable ground for electrostatic coating because they have been covered with built up overspray. We also manufacture small blast rooms for cleaning these parts, and we offer package discounts to clients who need more than just an oven.

In addition to ovens for burning off paint and powder build-up, Reliant offers ovens built specifically for removing epoxies and adhesives.

Drying & Pre-Heating Ovens

We build over 150 different walk-in/truck-in sized drying ovens. Many clients request ovens that will not only dry parts after cleaning, but also raise the surface temperature of the parts above the ambient temperature in the shop environment. This type of pre-heating is useful for surface finishing and other applications. Our standard catalog model drying ovens feature operating temperatures that can range from as low as 120°F to as high as 450°F. Custom models are available for special applications, including high-temperature pre-heating ovens and dryers that use no powered heating but rely on high-volume airflow to quickly remove moisture.


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Our most popular dry-off ovens are used for drying parts that will be painted or powder coated. The ovens are typically used in conjunction with multi-stage automated washers or manual parts washing equipment. We offer several types of stainless steel and poly washers and pretreatment enclosures, and we offer package discounts to clients who need more than just a drying oven.

Reliant also manufactures ovens for relatively low temperature drying situations, including ovens designed for drying and baking out solvents, removing water from granular materials, drying graphite components, and removing water from the surface of parts that are not stored in a controlled environment.

In addition to manufacturing industrial ovens for drying material or preparing cool, damp parts for handling or coating, Reliant builds walk-in ovens with infrared (IR) or high-temperature convection heating that are designed specifically for pre-heating parts prior to a conventional curing routine. These pre-heating ovens can reduce curing times and improve the uniformity of curing results.

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Heat Treating Ovens

We manufacture over 80 different walk-in or truck-in sized heat treating ovens. Our heat treating ovens feature operating temperatures that can range from as low as 140°F to as high as 850°F. Custom models are available for special applications, and we can provide ovens rated up to 1100°F.

Our most popular heat treating ovens are low temperature models used for processes like annealing plastic parts, particularly polyethylene pipe. The ovens are typically used to relax parts after they have been formed. Higher temperature annealing ovens for metal parts are also available.

Reliant also manufactures ovens for aging, normalizing, stress-relieving and tempering applications.

Custom Industrial Ovens

Reliant builds custom and semi-custom industrial ovens and environmental rooms for highly specialized tasks. We provide our with clients with safe, affordable, and dependable oven  and clean room solutions. Our equipment can handle the most challenging heating, drying, conditioning, curing, and burn-off tasks. We build natural gas and LP gas-fueled industrial ovens that provide infrared (IR) or convection heating. We specialize in medium and large walk-in sized ovens that operate at temperatures up to 500°F, but our custom oven offerings include ovens that range from large bench ovens to ovens that are over 30’ tall, over 30’ wide, and over 120’ long. We offer operating temperatures that range from ambient temperature environmental rooms to ovens with process temperatures up to 1100°F. We build custom batch ovens, custom continuous process ovens, and custom engineered industrial ovens for our clients’ exact applications.

Our best-selling custom oven models are used for curing powder coated or painted parts, curing composites or foam, or heat treating plastics. We also supply custom spray booths for applying wet paint or powder coating media, custom blast rooms, custom enclosures for washing or chemical pretreatment of parts, as well as custom-configured retrofit heat units for existing equipment from other manufacturers. Even with custom equipment, we offer package discounts to clients who need more than just an oven.

Let one of our specialists show you how our experience and innovative thinking can affordably get you the results you need from equipment engineered for your precise application.

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