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A coating line audit, also known as a coating process audit or coating system review, is an in-depth evaluation of an existing coating operation. Reliant Finishing Systems provides audits for clients that want help solving coating problems, need to increase throughput or desire greater insight into the way their coating department is operating. We offer audits for clients that use coating systems from other manufacturers, as well as those who already have our equipment.

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It’s All in the Details

For an audit to be of real value to the client, it must assess all aspects of the powder coating operation. The procedures, processes, environment and values critical to the client’s coating operation need to be tested and/or measured. By reviewing the entire coating process on-site, Reliant’s specialists can provide accurate costing analysis, troubleshoot coating problems and suggest improvements to the existing line. Reliant’s audits are always conducted by qualified technicians. Their years of experience enable them to interpret the information obtained from the audit and offer meaningful suggestions.

Improve Your Entire Process. Start to Finish.

The services provided during an on-site audit typically require one or more days to perform. Reliant’s auditors follow the current coating process through material loading, preparation/pre-treatment, coating application, curing, cooling and off-loading tasks. Their goal is to analyze the overall environment, as well as the performance of the equipment, chemicals, coatings, supplies and operators being used. During an audit, our technicians will evaluate operational and maintenance procedures and do other informational testing. They can provide additional personnel training, as well as troubleshooting assistance for all types of problems related to the coating process.

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Examining Your Parts Preparation Process

For clients that use blasting to prepare material for coating, auditors may examine the type of blasting media in use, the blasting equipment itself, and the techniques being utilized. For coating lines that include manual or automated parts washing, Reliant’s auditors may include chemical titration analysis of pre-treatment solutions, measurement of site water “hardness,” an inventory of the total dissolved solids, etc. Once the parts have been prepared for coating, the auditors will typically check the parts for cleanliness. They may also confirm dryness if the parts have been cleaned using a liquid detergent or chemical pre-treatment solution.

Upgrade Your Powder Application Process

The powder application process will usually be examined in great detail. The auditors will check for contamination problems, adequate powder coverage, coating uniformity and related quality issues. Coated but uncured parts may be compared to finished parts in order to detect the source of certain problems. In addition to quality-related issues, Reliant’s specialists usually examine the cost-effectiveness of the current coating application process by measuring the efficiency and cost of the coatings being used, as well as confirming overall throughput and QC pass/fail rates.

Review Your Curing Methods

Curing times are typically reviewed, and oven temperature accuracy is measured by Reliant’s technicians using state-of-the-art Fluke/Datapaq equipment. Oven balancing, recalibration or temperature profile adjustment may also be performed. Once the parts have been cured and cooled, our auditors may also check for the line’s color matching accuracy, measure coating thicknesses on random parts, and test for coating adhesion and cured film performance.

Experience Working With All Types of Systems

Whether the parts are moved by a conveyor system or on portable racks, our technicians typically review loading and unloading techniques, transport methods, cool-down times and overall material handling practices as part of an audit.

“Mini” Audit Vs “Full” Audit

Reliant Finishing Equipment offers two types of audits. The most common is a “mini audit” performed at the client’s site by a single auditor while the line is in operation. A mini audit typically requires 4-8 hours without interrupting production. A walk-through of the major appliances, while they are not in operation, is usually performed before the audit begins.

A more involved review, known as a “full audit,” typically requires two days on-site by either one or two technicians, and requires around 4 hours of production down-time during the audit, depending on the size and complexity of the system.

We Can Help Your Operation Be Better Than Ever

If you need help with finish quality or system throughput, or you want to know exactly how your coating equipment, expendables and personnel are performing, contact Reliant and let us schedule a line audit for you today.