We build Complete Powder Coating Systems

powder coating systems

Reliant Finishing Systems designs, manufactures, and installs your Automated, Custom, or Batch powder coating system. Our team specializes in turn-key solutions. However, we also offer upgrades and retrofit components for your existing powder coating system and lines. Our powder coating systems are reliable, energy efficient, and perform consistently. 

We don’t have a huge sales department of pushy people at Reliant. We are personally the ones designing, building and supporting the equipment you invest in. Our top priority is the relationships we build with our clients. Our company is dedicated to providing you with excellent service, and the right solution you need. 

Need Turn-Key Coating Solutions?

We’ll make a custom solution! Best for larger businesses with existing manufacturing space. 


How can we help?

A “Powder Coating System” can mean a lot of things in this industry so we want to help you understand the 3 major offerings we have to complete or improve your powder coating operation.

Automation Systems

Reliant offers complete automated systems solutions including design, manufacture, installation, and training. We provide turn-key solutions and upgrades for existing coating lines, ensuring reliability, fuel efficiency, and consistent performance.

We personally design and support our equipment and build relationships with clients. Our custom finishing systems include manual or powered conveyors, pre-treatment options, and dry-off oven configurations.

Our spray booths and automated gun systems are designed to meet client needs, while our curing ovens feature fuel-efficient technology for precise control.

Each solution is custom tailored to the client we serve. We don’t just build it. We are your end-to-end solution. Many clients come back to us on troubleshooting their production issues or how to expand capacity. While we do sell one-off pieces of equipment, our greatest talent  is full system automation and integration.

With talent in short supply, Reliant can help you systemize the parts of your product that are appropriate and efficient. Sometimes coating systems are only partially automated.

Some automation clients automate the whole powder coat process with it ending in a continuous process oven.

automation coat systems
industrial parts washer

Custom Systems

Modular equipment design allows for unparalleled customization in the powder coating industry, providing cost-effective custom solutions for various industries including aviation, large industrial, and military. The engineering and support staff at this company have extensive experience in delivering customized coating equipment solutions that meet the unique needs of each client.

The modular design allows for flexibility in configuring the equipment to meet specific requirements, ensuring that clients receive the exact solution they need. It also allows us to build to your existing space and limitations presented by current equipment. This approach provides significant cost savings compared to traditional custom equipment solutions, which can be much more expensive.

The company’s commitment to accuracy and efficiency is evident in their industry-leading lead times. Clients can trust that they will receive their powder coating equipment on time and within budget, without any unexpected delays or additional costs. With a focus on customer satisfaction and a reputation for delivering high-quality custom solutions, this company is a trusted partner for businesses in the powder coating industry.

custom coating systems
Paint Booth

Batch Systems

Reliant has a long history and hundreds of clients that are in the business of powder coating services. These entrepreneurs are often looking to create a more serious upgrade from smaller equipment or clear out, less reliable equipment. 

We can work with businesses of all sizes on how we roll out their new system in phases. Some of our clients are facilities that decide to take the powder coating in house but the product they finish is too variable to automate. Again we can provide the types of equipment they need in standardized sizes or custom as we mentioned previously.

We have a large catalog of sizes to choose from that we can produce quicker than custom portions and companies that work in batches will likely find the size they need within our capabilities to produce.

batch systems for coating

Turn-key or Package Systems

We make it easy for you to get started! Contact us at the factory, or speak to your Reliant distributor for any questions or concerns. As you can see below, we are also a one-stop-shop for individual items rather than a whole system. We are confident you will be satisfied with our prices, lead times, equipment, and service and the improvement of your powder coating process.