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We’ll Help You Find the Perfect Powder Coating Gun

Reliant Finishing Systems offers only professional grade powder application guns. We’ve worked with the “Big 3” (Wagner, Nordson, and Gema) to get top-quality powder guns, automated gun systems, cartridge filtration modules, and powder reclamation systems into manufacturing and coating facilities across North America.

We’re an award winning national-level sales outlet for Wagner powder coating equipment and we won’t be undersold. We’ve provided hundreds of powder coating guns to both new and established businesses, but we’ve never offered unreliable Asian knock-offs or hobby guns that won’t hold up in a professional environment. 

Be aware that there are numerous powder coating guns designed to look like brand name professional guns, but they’re either built by small shops in the U.S. (often using inexpensive imported parts) or imported directly from unknown overseas suppliers. We avoid these and so should you! If powder coating is part of your business operation, buy brand name professional quality powder coating guns—even if you don’t buy them from Reliant.

Want to learn more? There’s a comparison of pro-grade guns we did a few years ago here.

Coating Gun Products Available

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Box-Fed Vs. Hopper-Fed Powder Guns

Job shops and coating businesses that do contract work typically rely on box-fed manual coating guns. A box-fed gun pulls powder directly from the box that the powder was packaged in by the powder coatings supplier. The box is typically placed on the base of the cart that holds the gun controls. This allows for quick color changes and simple, intuitive operation. The powder is typically fluidized through vibration or (with premium guns like Reliant sells) air injection. One downside to box guns is that the powder media is exposed to the shop environment, so it is easier for the powder to become contaminated or otherwise degraded. A hopper-fed gun conveys the powder from a stainless steel hopper that can be removed from the cart to be refilled or cleaned. Fluidization of the powder is achieved using an integral fluid bed. This coating system is ideal for manual coating in a production environment. At Reliant, we have both box and hopper-fed versions of Wagner’s most popular guns in stock at all times!

For more info on whether a hopper-fed or box-fed powder coating gun is right for you, check out our comparison here.

PrimaSprint 60L Powder Coating
Wagner Box Fed Gun

Invest in Quality. You’ll Be Glad You Did.

There are several reasons to consider only professional quality, brand name powder coating guns from well-known sales outlets like Reliant. The best reason is that the level of service and support that these established companies can provide eclipses the lackluster support that can be expected from less expensive competitors. In addition to offering rock-solid warranties, all products built by Wagner, Nordson, and Gema are supported by dedicated service teams. When you buy one of their gun systems, there’s a nationwide network of engineers and experienced distributors that can quickly provide you with a high level of support—often through local specialists. That’s not something you can get from hobbyist websites or small importers at any price.

User-Friendly Powder Guns with Plenty of Features

Brand name powder application guns from companies like Wagner are engineered so that every component is designed for reliability, convenience, and consistent performance. Premium coating guns deliver increased transfer efficiency and provide superior results in the widest variety of coating situations. The most important coating parameters can be selected, changed, and stored in programs within the guns’ controllers. A pro-grade powder application system allows you to get consistent results with less effort and spend less time training new operators. With a proven gun system, there are fewer things to go wrong–and you’ll have less down-time if something does. With the Wagner manual powder application guns offered by Reliant Finishing Systems, the premium features are all there, but the operation of the guns is simple and intuitive.

Don’t Forget the Booth!

Reliant Finishing Systems offers powder spray booths for both manual and automated coating processes. Check out the sturdy, reliable powder spray enclosures manufactured at our U.S. factory. We provide booths with filtration systems for both spray-to-waste and powder reclamation applications. Our most affordable spray-to-waste powder booth models include three-stage filtration with disposable prefilters. We also offer cartridge filtration for booths that are used in a production environment or any situation where the down-time for filter replacement is detrimental.

spray enclosure
booth with cartridge

Need to Reclaim Your Spent Powder?

For systems where powder reclamation is desired, we offer a variety of both manual and automatic powder capture, transfer, and reconditioning equipment from Reliant Finishing Systems, Wagner, and other industry leaders like AZO. Ask us about our cartridge filtration modules, rotary sieves, and high-capacity hoppers.

Automated Powder Application Systems

Reliant Finishing Systems offers automated gun systems of all types, as stand-alone products or as part of our automated finishing systems.  We often integrate automated gun arrays with powder booths from Reliant or Wagner. We provide fixed multi-gun arrays, ram-type reciprocators, and oscillating gun mount systems. Reliant has engineered and installed dozens of unique powder application systems for highly specialized applications. 

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automatic powder coating

Don’t Let Your Powder Guns Cripple Productivity

One problem that plagues hobby and look-alike gun systems is the lack of instantly available repair parts (especially for older models) and the absence of any type of nationwide support network. Electrostatic coating guns require minimal maintenance, but there are a handful of wear parts that need attention from time to time. The major gun manufacturers have spent millions of dollars to assure that they have parts on hand for guns that were built years ago, not just those sold in the last few months. Also, there is a logical progression to their product development, so random substitutions of gun components from unproven vendors simply don’t happen. On the other hand, most of the low-cost guns are poorly supported, and many of the sales outlets are either newcomers to the U.S. market or have built their brand dealing with hobbyists and do-it-yourselfers, not manufacturers and professional coaters. 

Even with established sales websites, the same model of hobby gun that was sold over a period of months may have components that are sourced from numerous off-brand suppliers, and the specs are subject to change without any real documentation. Imagine waiting weeks with an inoperable gun because nobody has the right replacement part in stock in the United States—it happens! Please don’t let a snazzy website or product video convince you to buy hobby equipment. 

If you need a refresher on gun maintenance or adjustment, we have several useful articles in our Resources section like the one here

Your Source for Wagner Maintenance & Repair Parts

Whether you need a new cascade, a fitting, hoses, or a hard-to-find part for an older powder gun, Reliant Finishing Systems is your source for Wagner parts. If we don’t have the part you need in stock, we’ll get it fast! We also keep a large inventory of parts and filters for Reliant booths and ovens on hand for quick shipment.

wagner coating parts

Whether you need a replacement hose kit for your Wagner gun, a new box-fed manual gun, a powder spray booth, or a completely automated powder application system, Reliant Finishing Systems will provide the powder coating equipment you need at a fair price and give you the highest level of training and support in the industry.