Since 2005, Reliant has developed a number of resources to help answer common questions about powder coating. We’ve explained the best coating techniques, identified the equipment needed for professional quality results, and discussed unique methods for making the most of your coating operation. 

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Getting Started With Powder Coating

Switching From Liquid Paint To Powder Coating. Our resident powder expert Bruce Chirrey starts off talking about what you need to know when considering the switch from wet paint to powder.

Advantages Of Powder Coating Over Liquid Paint. What makes powder coating a better investment than wet paint? Click to find out.

Bring Your Powder Coating In-House And Increase ROI. We cover the benefits of bringing a potential coating operation in-house and how that can impact cost, delivery times, and quality control.

What Finish Do You Need? Getting The Right Tools For The Job. Bruce Chirrey talks about how to determine your powder specifications and equipment requirements for powder coating.

Why Powder Coating Is Good For The Environment. An overview of what makes powder coating an eco-friendly finishing process that is safer and easier to use.

Powder Coating Special Effects Can Produce Spectacular Results. Examples of exactly the type of amazing work you can produce by switching to powder coating.

Introductory Guides For New Coating Operations

A Beginner’s Guide To Powder Coating EquipmentAn introductory guide to the basics of powder equipment and what you’ll need to consider when planning a new coating line.

What You Need To Know About Powder. Bruce Chirrey gives an overview of what types of powder coating are available so you can get the right powder for the result you want.

Cleaning and Pretreatment Primer. Getting the best powder coated finish requires a clean surface before applying the powder. In this article, Bruce Chirrey discusses what you’ll need when getting started with pretreatment.

Choosing Your Powder Coating Equipment. Bruce Chirrey talks about sizing requirements, floor layout and throughput concerns to help you decide on the right equipment.

Buying New Equipment

What Size Powder Coating Oven Do You Need? An equipment sizing guide to help you determine what size and configuration of powder coating oven will work best with your requirements.

What Size Powder Spray Booth Do You Need? A companion piece to the Oven Sizing Guide, with additional information on floor layout and site preparation.

Choosing The Right Blast Room For Your Operation. If blasting is part of your pretreatment considerations, this article provides an in-depth look at available options.

Deciding If An Automated System Is Right For You. A thorough look at the determining factors when planning an automated coating line vs. a batch system.

How Properly Designed Airflow Increases Oven Performance. A look at how a Reliant oven’s airflow reduces fuel consumption and increases energy efficiency.

Used Vs New Equipment: A Buyer’s Guide. A practical look at what you can expect when attempting to save by investing in used equipment – and what that can really cost you.

Powder Coating Guns: What You Need To Know

Powder Coating Brand Comparison. Bruce Chirrey uses all three of the major powder guns brands – Wagner, Gema, and Nordson – and tells you which gun is the best for each type of application.

What’s The Difference Between A Box-Fed And Hopper-Fed Powder Gun? Bruce Chirrey shows you the difference between each configuration and when’s the best time to use each one.

Understanding Your Powder Gun Settings. Getting the most out of your powder gun is key to a great finish, and Bruce Chirrey helps you get up to speed and improve your results by better understanding just how a powder gun works.

Before You Get Started: Recommendations To Improve Your Success

Planning Success For Your New Automatic Powder Coating Line. Bruce Chirrey discusses what you can do before the equipment ever arrives to ensure your installation and start-up goes smoothly. Recommended for anyone purchasing capital equipment, not just automated systems.

The Basics Of Powder Coating Coverage. A highly-recommended article covering how to get the most out of your powder and improve your ROI with a closer eye on improved transfer efficiency.

An Introduction To Powder Coating Quality Control Testing. Bruce Chirrey explains how to make sure your powder coated finishes meet and exceed your customers’ expectations.

Troubleshooting Your Process For The Best Results

Five Things To Avoid With Your Powder Coating Oven. We discuss some common issues that can easily be avoided to keep your oven operating smoothly.

Improving Your Batch Oven Performance. Some tips and tricks to help make sure your getting the best finishes from your powder coating oven.

Three Common Spray Booth Misconceptions. Avoid these common pitfalls and get the best finish and the longest lifespan out of your equipment.

Experiencing Inconsistent Cures? An Oven Recorder May Help. If your oven is failing to get to temperature or your parts are producing brittle and uneven cures, using a powder coating oven recorder can help identify where the problems are.

Powder Application Problems? Check Your Grounding. If your powder isn’t applying properly, improper grounding may be the cause. Bruce Chirrey explains what to look for and what you need to get the proper ground.

What Coaters Need To Know About Powder Coating Particle Size. A practical look at how the different sized powder particles can impact your production.

Pinholes And Outgassing: Troubleshooting Your Process. If you’ve ever finished curing a part only to find a finish full of holes afterwards, this explanation of outgassing may help identify your problems.

Recommended Techniques To Improve Your Coating Results

How To Touch-Up A Powder Coated Finish. Powder coating is easy to apply and easy to fix, but sometimes you still need to touch-up the work before it ships. Here are some good basic techniques to help you fix any unsightly errors.

Get The Best Finish From Your Powder Spray Booth With These Five Tips. Check out these five tips on how to get the best finish. Also includes the recommended filter maintenance schedule.

Adding Iron Phosphate To Your Operation To Get A Better Finish. Bruce Chirrey explains the benefits of iron phosphate pretreatment and how it can help you achieve better results.

Using Masking And Plugs For Powder Coating. Increase your coating skills and produce dramatic results by adding masks and plugs to your powder coating application.

Improving Your Powder Coating Business

Dealing With Unhappy Coating Customers. One of the truths of business is that everyone will get an unhappy customer someday. We discuss how to use that experience as an opportunity to grow your business.

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