Electric Powder Coating Ovens

Powder Coating Ovens

The Ideal Batch Powder Coating Oven

Save Room With An Electric Coating Oven

Our most popular and affordable electric ovens make efficient use of shop space and are designed for small to mid-size “batch” powder curing requirements. These models feature wall-mounted elements to evenly heat the oven interior. Optional airflow systems promote air blending for faster temperature rise and more uniform heating. These ovens ship with the enclosure fully assembled and the elements factory-installed, so the only field work is connecting the fan system and controls.

All hardware, gaskets and sealants needed for installation are included. All oven products comply with OSHA and NFPA regulations. Walk-in sized electric ovens are available in numerous sizes and configurations.

Electric Powder Coat Oven Features:

  • Features premium insulated 6” double wall design and electric heat
  • Double 20 gauge panels–wall panels are bolted together for premium fit
  • Easy to access wall-mounted heat system standard
  • “Batch” powder-specific design, custom sizes & configurations available
  • Some units ship assembled
  • Available in pre-heat, drying, curing, or multi-function designs
  • Adaptable for use with cart track, specialized racks, etc.

Coating Oven Technical Specifications

Durable Doors that Seal Better Than Ever

A unique feature is our reversible “slab” door that can be mounted for right or left-handed opening. A single large door provides a better seal against heat loss and requires less adjustment over time than double door systems. Our door features a locking latch, an oversize grab handle, special heat-proof gaskets, and heavy duty adjustable 6” x 6” hardened steel hinges. Our doors have a combination of internal gussets and reinforcing beams to make them durable and rigid. A caster is included for customers who prefer to use one, but the door can be used without it.

Smart & Strong “Cabin” Construction

The oven’s “cabin” is constructed of G90 galvanized, aluminized, or 304 stainless steel components. All components are made from prime U.S. steel. The oven typically features a welded steel base frame of 14 gauge construction. The oven body is typically constructed of a combination of 16, 18, and 20 gauge metal panels. Reliant electric ovens typically use an element guard to prevent accidental damage to the heating elements. These guards also provide a mounting grid for parts hanging rods. Our ovens feature full 6” wall panels with mineral wool insulation (not the 2”, 3”, and 4” panels offered by many of our competitors). We also use only genuine Rock Wool insulation manufactured in the United States to our specifications. We use insulating material of not less than 6# density. Our small electric ovens typically have a fully insulated reinforced metal floor or heavy sheet metal floor and ship assembled on a large pallet. The ovens are fairly easy to move with a small forklift or pallet jack.

Enhanced Airflow & Even Heat Delivery

The oven is equipped with a range of redundant safety devices:

  • High and low pressure gas safety valves
  • Manual gas shut-off
  • Ignition sensor with auto shut-down
  • Combustion safeguard
  • Flame safety switch
  • Powered air circulation fan
  • Powered air exhaust fan
  • Intake air proving switch
  • Exhaust air proving switch
  • High temperature safety switch
  • Oven temperature sensor
  • Purge timer for combustion
  • Purge timer for oven operation
  • Motor overload protection
  • Fan/belt/motor guards
  • Explosion relief design

Our more sophisticated electric models are available in larger sizes and feature the same downdraft airflow as our premium gas-fueled ovens, combined with high volume air recirculation and electronic control of the oven’s atmosphere. All electric ovens include digital controls to regulate oven performance while the oven operates. Electric powder curing ovens are rated for a maximum temperature of 500° F and a maximum operating temperature of 450° F. They may safely be used for drying and pre-heating parts and for curing powder coating media.

High-Grade Components for Reliability & Ease of Use

Reliant electric ovens feature control panels in NEMA rated enclosures. Our electric ovens use appropriately rated thermocouples and high-temperature rated wiring components. Our heating elements are regulated by a digital PID “fuzzy logic” temperature controller that optimizes oven performance. Options include timers, secondary temperature sensors, and more. Premium models can be fitted with touch-screen PLC controls with remote monitoring features.


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