Orders For Large-Scale Coating Systems Increase In Late 2012


Franklin Slaton, a veteran coating equipment specialist, is one of several sources that have recently noticed an increase in requests for large-sized industrial coating equipment. Slaton’s company, Allied Finishing Solutions, markets curing ovens, spray enclosures, and related powder coating equipment manufactured by Reliant Finishing Systems. The majority of these products are sold through the web site.

“Most of the spray booths, ovens and blast rooms that we sell are for batch applications,” Slaton commented. “While ovens in the eight-foot wide and eight-foot tall range still make up the largest portion of our sales, we are seeing a growing demand from customers looking to expand their capabilities by acquiring larger equipment.”

Slaton reports that many of these buyers are repeat customers who want ovens and booths in ten-foot to fourteen-foot widths and heights to complement the smaller versions they are already operating profitably. There is also increased interest in significantly longer spray booths and curing ovens, including models that are forty to eighty feet in length.

“Often these operators want to be able to coat and cure large-scale pieces to give them a competitive advantage over other powder coating shops in their area,” Slaton explained. “An added benefit of choosing to install larger coating equipment is that they can increase the throughput of their shops by batching several small tasks together.”

“A customer from earlier this year who bought one of our best-selling oven and booth packages is now planning to add another Reliant curing oven that will be over three times as large as his existing oven,” said Slaton. “He told us that his business had taken off right after the installation of the first oven and booth this summer. With demand growing rapidly, he originally considered adding an automated system. But after talking with his best customers, he learned that many of them needed a coater with the ability to handle larger pieces, not just get their orders out faster. Larger batch-type coating equipment is going to give him the flexibility to satisfy both of those needs,” he added.

Another factor that is spurring interest in larger-sized booths and ovens is the boom in the domestic oil business. Resurgence in exploration, drilling and energy recovery from once-dormant fields in many parts of the country has led to increased demand for powder coating systems that can accommodate the large equipment used in oil and gas production.

Michael Schuerer, President of Reliant Finishing Systems (, agrees with Slaton’s observations and confirmed that the boost in large equipment sales is being fueled from both ends of the market. “In addition to seeing a jump in orders for large equipment from job shops that have been enjoying the rewards of the powder coating boom, we are also seeing an influx of orders from large industrial corporations. Many companies that once considered installing automated, conveyor-based systems are taking another look at batch systems. Price is sometimes a factor, since a batch system typically costs less than half as much as a comparable automated system. But, in many cases, price isn’t the motivating factor at all. Potential buyers are finding that large batch equipment can give them the throughput they need, plus the added flexibility of being able to handle a much wider range of products than with an automated system,” he commented.

Reliant Finishing Systems has become the leading provider of batch-type powder coating systems in the United States, due to the company’s unique product offerings and skilled distribution network. The modular design of Reliant’s curing ovens, spray enclosures and media blasting enclosures enables the manufacturer to rapidly configure and deliver products that precisely meet each customer’s exact needs.

In addition to offering products from Reliant, Allied Finishing Solutions is heavily invested in promoting the benefits of powder coating technology. The company’s website,, is an extensive resource for companies seeking advice about powder coating equipment and techniques.

Reliant Finishing Systems To Attend Fabtech Expo This November


Reliant Finishing Systems announced they are exhibiting at the upcoming Fabtech Expo, November 12-14 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Fabtech is the largest metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing event in North America, and this year features an expanded focus on finishing providers.
Josh Strickland, Executive Director of Marketing and Brand Development, is excited to once again exhibit at Fabtech. “This is our third year attending Fabtech since moving all of our advertising and marketing efforts in-house, and every year the Fabtech Expo exceeds our expectations. Fabtech has helped us every year to grow our awareness and reach, and we are looking forward to increasing our distribution opportunities.”
FABTECH remains as North America’s largest metal forming, fabricating, and welding exposition and conference. The event exists to bring buyers and sellers of metal forming and fabricating technologies together in an environment that facilitates and accelerates business relationships.

Reliant Finishing Systems is one of the fastest growing powder coating equipment manufacturers in the United States. Based out of northern Alabama, Reliant provides both industrial automated finishing lines as well as batch powder coating ovens, spray booths, media blast rooms and custom manufactured finishing solutions. Visit Reliant Finishing Systems at booth C1862, or find them online at

Allied Finishing Solutions Partners With Reliant Finishing Systems

Reliant Finishing System

Allied Finishing Solutions announced Monday that the company has completed arrangements to act as a full-service distributor of Reliant Finishing Systems’ products. Veteran powder coating systems specialist Franklin Slaton recently founded Allied Finishing Solutions, Inc. The company is based in Decatur, Alabama and provides clients from across North America with one-stop shopping for powder curing ovens, powder spray booths, media blasting enclosures, and related finishing equipment.

Slaton was an equipment specialist for Reliant Finishing Systems for three years before launching Allied Finishing Solutions. During that time he was involved in the sales of over one hundred powder coating systems of varying sizes. He is an Alabama native and graduate of Birmingham-Southern College who grew up in a manufacturing environment. Slaton’s father, Luke Slaton, also a former Reliant systems specialist, will serve Allied Finishing Solutions as Manager of Customer Service. Prior to joining Reliant in 2011, the elder Slaton was active in the Alabama business community and spent thirty-six years operating two successful businesses.

“I love helping clients determine what kind of equipment will best meet their needs,” Franklin Slaton commented. “I’m fortunate to have worked with a wide range of companies and government organizations, from mom-and-pop shops to large, sophisticated manufacturing operations. The need for quality powder coated finishes is a common denominator with all of our clients, but the cookie-cutter approach used by many of our competitors just doesn’t work. Attention to the small details enables us to offer the ideal coating solution for each customer, instead of a hodge-podge of equipment. As an independent distributor, Allied Finishing Solutions will provide a budget-minded but highly personalized sales experience. We’ll match each client with the equipment that works best for them, and we’ll support them after the sale,” he said.

Michael Schuerer, President of Reliant Finishing Systems, is pleased by Allied’s instant success. “Franklin was a top performer for Reliant. He was a self-starter who sold millions of dollars’ worth of equipment. His clients were consistently complimentary about his sales methods and the level of support he provided. Becoming an independent distributor is the natural progression for someone who has enjoyed his level of success. Luke Slaton was also an asset to our company, and his experience as a business owner really helped him connect with clients that were getting into powder coating as a new enterprise. I think his fairness and commitment to service will help Allied Finishing Solutions’ rapid growth,” he said.

Luke Slaton added, “We’re excited about our relationship with Reliant Finishing Systems. Reliant has some of the most fuel efficient powder curing ovens in the industry. They have an innovative airflow design that assures consistent air temperatures throughout their ovens. Reliant’s spray enclosures are designed specifically for powder spraying and aren’t just wet paint booths that have been modified. These products will truly give Allied an edge for years to come.”

Allied will feature products from Reliant Finishing Systems (, a leading U.S. manufacturer of powder coating equipment. In addition to providing booths and ovens for powder coating and curing applications, Allied will offer powder spray guns, chemical pretreatment units and media blasting equipment, enabling them to provide customers with complete powder coating solutions. Through their partnership with Reliant, Allied will also offer composite curing ovens, stainless steel wash enclosures, and turn-key automated finishing systems.

Reliant Finishing Systems Hires Robert Osborne As Executive Director of Engineered Systems

Reliant Finishing System

Reliant Finishing Systems announced today they have hired Mr. Robert Osborne as Executive Director for Engineered Systems. Mr. Osborne was previously employed by Honeywell Aerospace as a Director of Business Development. Mr. Osborne will manage Reliant’s rapidly growing Engineered Systems Division and serve as the primary point of contact for both distributors and clients seeking specialized finishing solutions.

Although new to the finishing industry, Mr. Osborne has over twenty-three years of sales and management experience dealing with large-scale projects in the military and aerospace industries. In 2001, he received the “President’s Club” award from Honeywell Aerospace for his outstanding sales and support achievements. Along with other accomplishments, he was also recognized as one of the company’s top performers a total of seven times during his employment with Honeywell.

Reliant Finishing Systems’ President, Mr. Michael Schuerer, commented, “Mr. Osborne is a newcomer to our industry, but has dealt with projects of incredible size and complexity. I think he will mesh well with all of our clients and will quickly instill confidence in first-time buyers. During his career he has sold and supported projects totaling literally billions of dollars. He is comfortable with a team approach and has already established strong relationships with our leading distributors. Mr. Osborne has given Reliant an invaluable new perspective on engineered systems.” Mr. Schuerer added, “Mr. Osborne will work directly with our new Executive Director for Technical Services, Mr. J.R. Stewart, and our engineering staff to design custom finishing equipment and automated systems.”

“It became apparent that we needed someone who could assist clients with the selection of automated and custom-engineered finishing systems. There are unique decision making processes associated with these larger systems and the client often needs experienced guidance and technical advice. Mr. Osborne will work with both distributors and end-clients to assure that Reliant always provides effective coating systems,” said Mr. John Thomason, Reliant’s Executive Vice President.

Well-known powder industry expert, Mr. Joey Golliver of Inside Powder Coating, commented, “Reliant seems to be making big strides in the engineered systems market. Mr. Osborne has worked with projects that are much more complex than a typical finishing system, so he is comfortable with both the technology and the money that is involved. I think his friendly, matter-of-fact approach will be a winner for Reliant. He will certainly give them an advantage when they’re selling to government buyers.”

Mr. Osborne commented on the challenges of his new position, “I first encountered Reliant in 2005 when they entered the batch coating marketing. They’ve been growing so fast that they haven’t always had time to ease their way into new market segments. With a few large systems under their belt, they found that the primary challenges were related to customer support, which is my primary area of expertise. I have always prided myself on giving my customers the utmost level of individual care, and I look forward to working with Reliant and our current and future clients.”

Reliant Finishing Systems ( is a U.S. manufacturer of high-performance finishing equipment that specializes in powder coating systems. Visit them on the web at or follow them on facebook at

Powder Coating Tip of the Week: Gas Pressure Problems? Remember The Season

Powder Coating Tips

Ever have problems with your gas-fueled oven that defy logic? Many older ovens, particularly those that use “trough” style burners, are very sensitive to changes in their fuel supply. If you are connected to a natural gas system, seasonal changes can seriously impact your equipment’s gas supply.

To better understand how these changes cause problems, you have to remember that VOLUME (the total amount of fuel flowing through the heat system) and PRESSURE (the amount of force being exerted on the piping and burner of the heat system) are not the same thing. Countless problems can be solved by making sure that your oven always has a gas supply that is providing an adequate volume of gas at the correct pressure. Changes to gas line size, the incoming service/meter, and line pressure will all influence the way your equipment operates.

How do seasonal changes impact performance? Imagine if there is a school near your shop. During the school year there are numerous boilers, heaters and gas appliances running throughout the day. Once school is out, that demand goes away. The lines carrying fuel to your shop may be interconnected with the lines going to the school. Although there are devices in place to limit the pressure at your building and/or equipment, if the oven was set up at a time when the school was out of session, the demand on the system for fuel was much lower than it will be during the winter months. This can cause changes in the fuel supply coming in to your shop. In particular, you may experience situations where the total volume of gas that is available to your building decreases slightly.

Similar issues can be traced to nearby hospitals, large factories or office complexes that crank up their heating in winter. An unexpected cold front can also cause problems. The most commonly reported issue is linked to shop heaters. If you have heaters that are connected to your incoming gas line after it goes through the main regulator system, and the same line feeds your oven, it is very easy to starve your oven’s heat system of fuel when you turn up your shop heat.

The opposite problem can also occur. If your oven was set up when there was a great deal of demand on the system, and that demand goes away in the heat of summer, your oven’s heater can “over- fire” and become difficult to control. The most common result is an oven that steadily creeps above the desired setting or begins to trip temperature-related safety circuits.

By taking a moment to consider the factors that can change the quality of your oven’s fuel supply, you can successfully troubleshoot many common problems.

Powder Coating Tip Of The Week: Three Simple Rules for Parts Cleaning & Pretreatment

Rule #1: Conducting a review of your cleaning and prepping process with a knowledgeable chemistry professional is the key to assuring your pretreatment success and avoiding frustration long-term.

When it comes to chemistry, consult a professional who SPECIALIZES in pretreatment chemistry. With that being said, do enough homework to understand the major issues of parts pretreatment before you call in a pro.

Rule #2: If you want to have consistently good results, you must set up a cleaning and pretreatment routine that will be sufficient for your WORST parts—not your best parts.

The most important step is to carefully examine the parts you want to clean. You have to be honest about just how clean or dirty your parts really are. Countless coating jobs have been sabotaged because the coater didn’t do an adequate job of prepping the part(s). This often happens because the coater only looks over a couple sample parts and then goes to work. Soil is anything that is on the surface of a part. Dirt, grease, oil, shavings, wood, waxes, metal oxides, release agents, you name it. If it’s on your part but not supposed to be, it’s a soil. For you to achieve a quality finish, all of the soil should be removed. It is important that you examine a large sample so you can feel confident that you know how much soil is actually on the parts you are going to be coating.

When it’s time to coat, slow down for a moment and look over the part(s) to see if they are still as clean as they were when you completed the pretreatment process. If they aren’t, work on them some more. This is an absolutely critical step on your road to getting top-notch finishes. It can be very tempting to say, “that’s close enough” and coat a part after some rust has popped back up or a grease stain isn’t totally removed. If you don’t give in to temptation, the chances of getting stuck with a re-do are much smaller.

Rule #3: If it’s organic soil it will probably need an alkaline based cleaner. If it’s non organic, it will probably need an acid.

This is only part of the consideration, though. Oils and greases need not only a highly alkaline-based cleaning solution but, since many industrial oils include types of wax, it is likely that the cleaning solution will need to be heated. Polymers, like silicone, will need an aggressive acid and may also need heat. Many soaps and dry lubricants typically need not only heat and a highly alkaline solution, but mechanical action, as well. Particulates, solid pieces of things like metal shavings, may need an acid/alkaline mix and vigorous mechanical action for full removal. Finally, oxides (rust, tarnish, etc.) will require a finely balanced acid to completely remove the oxide without damaging the surface of the part being cleaned.

Good luck, and remember there is no such thing as a part that is too clean.

For more information on powder coating, please click here. For more information on powder coating equipment, please visit us at Reliant Finishing Systems.

Reliant Finishing Systems Promotes Mr. John Thomason to Executive Vice President

Reliant Finishing System

Reliant Finishing Systems ( announced today that they have promoted Mr. John Thomason to the position of Executive Vice President. In 2005, Mr. Thomason was first employed as the Operations Manager for Reliant Finishing Systems’ parent organization, Reliant Specialty Equipment Corporation. In 2007, he was promoted to Vice President of Manufacturing Operations for Reliant Finishing Systems and personally oversaw expansion into their current Somerville, Alabama manufacturing facility. His latest promotion will establish Mr. Thomason as the executive level coordinator for all of Reliant Finishing Systems’ product development, manufacturing and technical service activities, as well as various other corporate initiatives.

Mr. Michael Schuerer, President of Reliant Finishing Systems, stated that the promotion was the result of Mr. Thomason’s unceasing efforts to accelerate the company’s growth. “When we brought manufacturing in-house, Reliant Specialty Equipment Corporation was very lucky to attract Mr. Thomason and integrate him into our organization. He had a mix of hands-on skills and management savvy that was almost impossible to find. Early on, Mr. Thomason’s direct involvement led to a rapid increase in manufacturing efficiency and overall output. He insisted that we refine the packaging methods we were using and rethink our approach to order fulfillment. His approach also compelled Reliant to invest in state-of-the-art CNC equipment, as opposed to using less expensive manual systems like some of our competitors. When we launched Reliant Finishing Systems, I felt Mr. Thomason’s ability and experience made him the natural choice to develop the manufacturing side of our operation. In addition to overseeing manufacturing-related functions, he demonstrated other leadership skills that generated measurable results. His efforts are directly linked to our recent increases in profitability. I am confident that he will be even more effective now that he is taking on a larger role at Reliant,” he said.

Mr. Thomason is similarly pleased by the way his relationship with Reliant has evolved. He said, “My experience with Reliant Finishing Systems has been very rewarding. The company is evolving quickly. We’ve reached a level of agility that our competitors cannot seem to meet. Our price points and lead times also compare very favorably with our major competitors’, and I feel that our level of customer care is unmatched in the finishing industry. I have invested heavily in the idea that it takes more than just good products at fair prices to make Reliant Finishing Systems thrive. Although I have exerted a great deal of influence on Reliant’s manufacturing processes, I have also pushed for continual improvement to our customers’ overall buying experience. I believe that the changes we’ve made have not only increased profitability related to the manufacture of our products, but also boosted sales. I look forward to driving this type of growth for years to come.”

Reliant Finishing Systems is a privately-held U.S. company specializing in the manufacture of capital equipment used in the powder coating industry. The company provides media blasting enclosures, multi-stage washers, chemical pretreatment enclosures, powder-specific spray booths, and high-performance drying and curing ovens. Reliant Finishing Systems sells under its own brand and provides private label products to OEM clients.

Visit Reliant At The Fabtech Expo In Chicago

Fabtech - Finishing Pavilion

Interested in powder coating? Need to expand your product offerings or bring your finishing needs in-house? Visit booth #3619 at the Fabtech Expo in Chicago, IL, November 14th – 17th. Reliant Finishing Systems, manufacturers of high-end powder coating equipment, will be on-hand to answer all your coating systems needs.

Visit for more information.

Reliant Finishing Systems Reports Record First Quarter 2011 Profits

Reliant Finishing System

Reliant Finishing Systems Reports Record First Quarter 2011 Profits

Reliant Finishing Systems reported that the company’s first quarter 2011 profits exceeded 2010 forecasts and set a company record for quarterly performance. First quarter profits were 218% above profits reported for the first quarter of 2010 and 41% higher than those reported for the fourth quarter of 2010. The company attributed the increase to a combination of disciplined spending and significantly larger sales volume.

During 2009, Reliant updated the way the company’s products were marketed to end-users, which dramatically increased success in the “batch” powder coating equipment market. Reliant’s Executive Vice President, Mr. John Thomason, believes that careful management of operating expenses helped contribute to overall profitability. ”A mix of vigorous equipment maintenance practices, combined with more efficient use of raw materials, helped us keep production costs in check,” said Mr. Thomason.

Reliant built relationships with progressive online sales outlets, such as Spray Booth , that led to an increase in overall sales. “We’ve also benefitted from the distribution partnerships we’ve made in the past three years. We are very fortunate to have so many motivated people working with us,” Thomason added.

Mr. Michael Schuerer, President of Reliant Finishing Systems, agreed with Thomason’s assessment. “The cost of steel increased dramatically in late 2010. Also, some of our suppliers used the economic climate to justify bumping their prices by as much as 20%. Our purchasing managers reexamined the way we select and retain vendors. As a result, we were able to form new partnerships that have helped keep our spending on target in 2011. In the same way, our production managers responded to increases in the price of raw materials by challenging our manufacturing personnel to reduce waste. By the middle of the first quarter of 2011, these initiatives were really paying off,” he said.

First quarter profits were 218% above profits reported for the first quarter of 2010 and 41% higher than those reported for the fourth quarter of 2010.

Mr. Franklin Slaton, Reliant’s National Sales Manager, commented, “Traditionally, even in tough economic times, Reliant’s fourth quarter sales have been helped by clients looking to burn up excess profits. In the past few years, first quarter sales have reflected waning enthusiasm by clients who failed to get on board before the holiday season. This year was a very pleasant surprise, as orders exceeded everyone’s expectations and quickly got us past the post-holiday slump.”

Reliant Finishing Systems anticipates continued strong performance for the remainder of the 2011 calendar year.

About Reliant Finishing Systems:
Reliant Finishing Systems is a privately-held U.S. corporation specializing in the manufacture of capital equipment used in the painting and powder coating industries. Reliant manufactures high-performance booths and ovens that are used to apply and cure coating media. The company sells under its own brand, as well as providing private label products to OEM clients.

Reliant Finishing Systems Fills Order for Large Industrial Oven in 24 Hours to Help Advanced Quality Coatings Recover from Fire

Advanced Quality Coatings

Reliant Finishing Systems Fills Order for Large Industrial Oven in 24 Hours to Help Advanced Quality Coatings Recover from Fire

Reliant Finishing Systems provided a large gas-fueled powder coating oven to Advanced Quality Coatings only one day after the company ordered the equipment. The oven was delivered, installed and operational in less than a week. Rapid delivery limited the problems associated with unscheduled downtime at Advanced Quality Coatings due to fire damage to an oven from another manufacturer.

In response to an emergency request to replace an oven from another manufacturer that was damaged by fire, Reliant Finishing Systems provided a gas-fueled powder coating oven to Advanced Quality Coatings one day after the company ordered the equipment. The 8’ x 8’ x 25’ oven was delivered, installed and operational in less than a week, limiting the problems associated with unscheduled downtime. A cooperative effort between the manufacturer, the client and contractors fast-tracked what could have been a two month process into a few very busy days.

The new oven from Reliant was delivered very quickly, and is more than twice as efficient as our last batch oven.

Advanced Quality Coatings, located in Amherst, VA, is an industry leader in the field of aftermarket coatings. Advanced Quality Coatings (AQC) specializes in powder and ceramic coating processes. The company recently expanded their capabilities to become a full-service custom coating facility. AQC’s President, Mr. Dan Summers, explained, “AQC creates satisfied clients by combining excellent service with exceptional quality. AQC provides professional services and quality coatings for industrial, commercial, and personal jobs. We have gained a solid reputation and are taking our services to the next level. Shooting sports and coatings have been a passion for over twenty five years. We offer OEM coatings to some of the highest end manufacturers in the firearms, construction, and fabrication industries, and are proud to also serve the general public.”

AQC recently suffered fire damage to their gas-fueled powder curing oven. To keep production on track, the company needed to replace the oven as quickly as possible. They chose to work with Reliant Finishing Systems because they could not afford to wait the four to six weeks that most capital equipment providers offer as a lead time.

Although the damaged oven wasn’t manufactured by Reliant, their employees took a personal interest in the situation. Mr. Franklin Slaton, a Powder Coating Systems Specialist for Reliant Finishing Systems, worked with AQC to provide a solution. He commented, “When I first interacted with Dan, he made it clear that his company was in a bad situation due to the fire. I contacted the Reliant factory and explained the importance of shipping promptly. They suggested a solution that would enable us to ship a large gas-powered oven with less than a day’s notice. I was really happy to have some good news to give to the folks at AQC since their livelihood was in danger.”

The oven fire at AQC could have had catastrophic results. “The new oven from Reliant was delivered very quickly, and is more than twice as efficient as our last batch oven. In our very stressful situation on locating an oven, Reliant went out of their way to deliver a great oven in nearly 24 hours. Being as desperate as we were, we called over eight manufacturers and fifty listings on used ovens, none of which could have been delivered in less than a week. Our company is very thankful and will be a loyal customer for years to come,” said Mr. Summers.

“I was amazed at how quickly AQC was able to react,” said Mr. Michael Schuerer, President of Reliant Finishing Systems. “It is rare that a client can get all of the contractors needed for a project like this lined up and working together on such short notice. Clearly AQC was prepared to do whatever it took to get their equipment up and running as quickly as possible. Fortunately, one of our factory-authorized technicians, Mr. Allan Williams of Williams Contracting in Mechanicsburg, PA, was able to adjust his schedule to arrive on site and get the oven calibrated and operational right away. I’m glad we were able to get the oven for AQC shipped before the weekend. I remember the order coming in on a Thursday, and the oven was completed, crated and being loaded onto a truck by Friday for delivery on Saturday,” he said.

Advanced Quality Coatings is operational at full capacity and welcomes enquiries via phone or email regarding their services. They currently offer a variety of powder and ceramic finishes, including Cerakote coatings. Reliant Finishing Systems continues to enjoy brisk sales of their gas and electric powder coating equipment and is actively seeking new distribution partners.