Reliant Launches What Is Powder

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Reliant launches a research and resource tool for potential clients and customers to familiarize themselves with powder coating processes and the basic uses of powder, coating equipment, and powder spray guns.

The site covers the basic definition of powder coating, the differences between conventional wet paint finishing and powder coating, and provides a glossary of common coating and industry terms. In addition, What Is Powder Coating also has a series of articles entitled Start Powder Coating which outlines a number of reasons why powder coating is a profitable way to increase your business, even in difficult economic times. The site also features a growing finishing FAQ and a help section for customers and coating enthusiasts to ask their coating questions.

Please visit What Is Powder Coating and suggest any additional content in the comments below, or post your suggestions to our Facebook page or Twitter feed.

Choose Reliant Finishing for your Custom Coating System

Custom Coating System

If you are struggling to determine which coating system is the best on the market then look no further than Reliant Finishing Systems. Powder coating systems can be very expensive, but at Reliant we ensure that you will be getting a top of the line coating system at an affordable price.

No matter what you are in search of, whether it is an affordable batch system or a turn-key automated finishing line, Reliant will help you choose the best product to meet your needs. Our modular equipment design allows for unrivaled customization and configurations. We provide custom equipment solutions at a fraction of the cost to you. Reliant Finishing Systems leads the industry with the most accurate lead times which means you will get the equipment you need on time and within budget.

Our experienced team at Reliant will be happy to assist you with which powder coating system will be the best option for you. With years of experience delivering unique custom coating equipment solutions, our dedicated staff of engineering and support technicians can help design and provide a system to meet your need.

We provide custom coating tools for all sorts of business and government projects including aviation, large industrial, custom manufacturing and military applications.

Fill out the form on the custom coating page if you require your own custom powder coating equipment solution. For more information on powder coating systems call Reliant Finishing Systems at 888-770-0021.

New Reliant Finishing Systems Updates All Existing Models, Adds New Product Lines

Spray Walls

New Reliant Finishing Systems Updates All Existing Models, Adds New Product Lines

Reliant Finishing Systems is proud to announce our updated and expanded 2014-2015 equipment catalog. Reliant now offers a wide variety of equipment for multiple finishing applications in both batch and automated configurations and can be built for almost any sized requirement. All of our models have been reviewed and updated to provide the most capable and efficient finishing equipment on the market today. Revised specifications and more accurate lead times are provided on all our existing models, and expanded offerings are available in a number of categories. In addition, Reliant has added a number of new products for 2014-2015, including Composite Curing Ovens, Media Blast Enclosures, Manual Wash Stations and an expanded line of high- and low-temperature Electric Ovens as standard items.
2014-2015 Reliant Finishing Systems Powder Coating Equipment Catalog Overview

Powder Coating Ovens (PCO) : Our most popular item with standard sizes available as small as 6’x’6’x5′ and up to 12’x12’x’50’. Available in natural gas and liquid propane gas configurations. Top-mounted heat units, tunnel-style configurations with double doors, and fabric roll-up doors rated up to 450°F are also available on all standard oven models. Custom-programmed touchscreen control panels and tubular steel doorframe upgrades also available.

Powder Spray Enclosures (PSE): Powder spray enclosures with multi-stage filtration designed specifically for powder coating. Available in multiple sizes in standard, crossflow and double-crossflow configurations. Filtered-doors, personnel doors, VFD upgrade, white-metal construction, and True 3-Stage HEPA filtration all available options.

Oven & Booth Extension Kits: Extension kits now available for existing Reliant Ovens (PCO) in 2.5′ and 5′ increments and Reliant Spray Enclosures (PSE) in 5′ increments. Certain restrictions apply.

Electric Curing Ovens (ECO): An expanded line of smaller electric curing ovens perfect for small shops, product prototyping and educational uses. Available for single or three-phase power. Low-temperature output electric curing ovens also available standard. Recirculation fan upgrade also available.

Powder Spray Walls (PSW): A complete line of space-saving Powder Spray Walls provide excellent air-filtration while conserving shop space. VFD upgrade and True 3-Stage HEPA filtration available.

Blast Rooms and Media Blast Enclosures (MBE): For your blasting needs, Reliant now offers a complete line of Blast Rooms and Media Blast Enclosures. VFD upgrade, personnel doors, and True 3-Stage HEPA filtration options available. Cartridge module filtration, reclaim units, and blast pots available on request.

Industrial Wash Stations (MWS): Reliant now offers complete range of Manual Wash Stations, constructed out of stainless steel and ready to meet your pretreatment and wash requirements. VFD upgrade, personnel doors, and stainless steel enclosure doors all available options.
Complete Automated Finishing Systems

In addition to our wide range of batch equipment, Reliant also specializes in complete turn-key solutions for automated finishing systems. We offer custom automated finishing systems that feature manual or powered conveyors in floor-mounted and overhead configurations optimized specifically for your site. No matter your process requirement, Reliant can meet and exceed your expectations.
Composite Curing Solutions

Reliant is now proud to offer composite curing ovens in a wide range of standard sizes . Please contact your Reliant Finishing Systems representative for more information.
Custom Finishing Equipment Designed For Your Requirements

Does your project require a custom powder coating equipment solution? Reliant Finishing Systems can deliver. Our modular equipment designs allow for unrivaled customization and unique process-specific configurations. They also allow us to offer custom equipment solutions at a fraction of the cost of many of our competitors. As an added benefit, by using a modular design as the foundation for a customized appliance Reliant can often shave weeks off the manufacturing lead-time. Contact your authorized Reliant representative today for more information.
Full-Service Installation, Start-up and Technical Support Available

Reliant Finishing Systems now also full-service installation and technical support on all systems, batch or automated. Reliant -authorized installation crews can reduce your construction and start-up times by weeks. No matter what, all Reliant equipment is sold standard with start-up and calibration from an authorized factory technician to make sure your equipment is up and running smoothly.

Reliant Finishing Systems to Exhibit at Fabtech Expo Atlanta, Nov 11-13

Reliant Finishing Equipments

Reliant Finishing Systems today announced its planned exhibition at the upcoming FABTECH Expo, November 11 – 13, at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, GA. FABTECH is the largest metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing event in North America. This year, FABTECH plannersexpect over 27,000 attendees and 1,400 exhibitors.

Reliant Finishing Systems will be exhibiting their powder coating equipment solutions at Booth B313.

Headquartered in Alabama, Reliant Finishing Systems is a leading powder coating equipment manufacturer. The company manufactures industrial automated finishing lines and batch powder coating ovens, spray booths, media blast rooms, and manual wash stations. Reliant Finishing Systems also builds customized finishing solutions that are tailored to the intended workspace, and provides installation and technical support as well.

FABTECH is held each year for metal workers to meet with suppliers, learn cutting-edge industry news and developments, and facilitate relationships thatimprove metal forming and fabricating. FABTECH also hosts educational sessions, keynote speakers, and panel discussions.

“FABTECH is an excellent way to build relationships between buyers and suppliers of finishing solutions,” said Josh Strickland, Executive Director of Marketing and Brand Development. “We’ve just introduced a number brand new products as well as significant upgrades to our entire product line. We’re really excited to show off these new offerings and improvements at FABTECH.”

About Reliant Finishing Systems

Reliant Finishing Systems is the fastest growing powder coating equipment manufacturer in North America. Based in Somerville, Alabama, Reliant designs and manufactures automated finishing systems, as well as popular “batch” coating systems, curing ovens, powder spray booths, media blast rooms and custom-manufactured finishing equipment for powder coating operations of all sizes.

Batch System vs Automated Line: Tips to Choose the Right Powder Coating System


The powder coating experts at Reliant Finishing Systems have years of experience manufacturing and installing powder coating equipment. One of the most common questions they get asked is whether to use a manual batch-type system or an automated line. Batch systems and automated lines use different approaches to powder coating, each with their own advantages. Reliant recently began distributing comparison guidelines to help business people choose the right powder coating system.

For those unfamiliar with the terms, an “automated system” (or automated line) is a powder coating system that moves parts automatically through the various steps of the powder coating process. These steps usually include using a chemical wash to prepare the surface of the parts, drying the parts, applying the powder coating media, curing the powder coated finish onto the parts, then allowing them to cool. The parts typically move in one direction from device to device and these all of these tasks are done to different parts at the same time. A “batch system” allows the operator to manually prepare and accumulate parts, then coat and cure the parts in batches. The parts are typically moved from one device to another by hand using carts.

These are some of Reliant’s most useful tips for deciding whether a batch or automated system best suits a coater’s needs:

Consider the volume of work and the nature of the parts being coated. If you’re dealing with thousands of similarly sized parts per shift, an automated system is probably your best bet. The more varied the shape and size of the parts, the less advantage an automated system typically offers. A batch system provides significant benefits in terms of equipment cost and workflow versatility, but relies on workers to move parts, prep parts and apply powder coating media. So, if the volume of parts is quite large, the advantages of a batch system are lost.

Determine how quickly you’ll need parts to be powder coated. If the coating process outpaces the manufacturing process, a batch system is ideal. If the powder coating process delays output, an automated system may help. You can coat large quantities of similar items quickly since parts don’t have to be handled between stages. If the automated line is designed for rapid throughput, a constant flow of parts can be coated at a rate that usually can’t be matched by manual techniques.

Evaluate floor space. Batch systems generally take up less room, so they’re better for businesses that can’t spare extra space. Batch systems sometimes use one oven to do the work of both drying and curing parts, which further reduces cost and saves on floor space. By using ovens where the parts move back and forth multiple times inside relatively short but wide enclosures, some automated lines fit into surprisingly tight spaces. But, most automated lines involve restricted access to at least some key components, especially in cramped spaces. This drives maintenance and repair costs up.

Budget is always a primary consideration. Batch systems are significantly cheaper than comparable automated lines, usually costing less than half as much, so if your budget is tight it might be best to start with a batch system. Batch equipment requires more manpower, but also tends to have lower maintenance costs. Batch systems can also provide lower operating costs because you only use equipment as it is needed. With automated systems there is almost always a constant process of coating taking place, so relative operating costs can increase if the system isn’t being used to full capacity. No matter what type of system is used, Reliant advises coaters to have a plan for growth and size their equipment accordingly

Reliant Finishing Systems is devoted to making sure every client gets dependable, fairly priced equipment that perfectly suits his or her needs. For additional powder coating information, visit

About Reliant Finishing Systems

Reliant Finishing Systems is the fastest growing powder coating equipment manufacturer in North America. Based in Somerville, Alabama, Reliant designs and manufactures automated finishing lines for industrial use, as well as popular “batch” coating systems, curing ovens, powder spray booths, media blast rooms and custom-manufactured finishing equipment for powder coating operations of all sizes.

Reliant Relaunches


Reliant Finishing Systems announced today they have redesigned and relaunched one of their satellite sites, The site is designed to be the first stop customers take when familiarizing themselves with the powder coating process. The site redesign includes a brand new layout, graphical updates and an entirely rewritten content section aimed at newcomers to the powder coating market.

“The site has been redesigned and rewritten so that the information is easily accessible to people with little to no powder coating knowledge,” commented Mr. Josh Strickland, Director of Brand Management for Reliant Finishing Systems. “There is a quite a bit of information online that thoroughly explains the powder coating process. Unfortunately, most of the available information is very technical and difficult for the layperson to approach. We’d like to bridge the gap and provide an easy jumping on point for people with general powder coating questions.”

The site features content aimed at explaining the powder coating process, the basics of powder coating equipment, and the benefits of powder coating – from reduced environmental impact to increased business revenue. The site also includes tips and guides for beginning coaters and links to other online resources. “Like all informational sites, the process of expanding the available articles is ongoing. Planned future articles include an expanded powder coating FAQ and discussion of the difference between thermoset and thermoplastic powders. The goal is to create a functional knowledge base that is useful to a wide range of powder coating customers and enthusiasts. This relaunch is just the first step in creating that resource, and we welcome feedback and user-generated submissions to help us make this the most useful site it can be.” is an informational site managed and maintained by Reliant Finishing Systems, one of the fastest growing powder coating equipment manufacturers in North America. Based in Somerville, Alabama, Reliant designs and manufactures automated finishing lines for industrial use, as well as batch coating systems, curing ovens, powder spray booths, media blast rooms and custom-manufactured finishing equipment for powder coating operations of all sizes.

Orders For Large-Scale Coating Systems Increase In Late 2012


Franklin Slaton, a veteran coating equipment specialist, is one of several sources that have recently noticed an increase in requests for large-sized industrial coating equipment. Slaton’s company, Allied Finishing Solutions, markets curing ovens, spray enclosures, and related powder coating equipment manufactured by Reliant Finishing Systems. The majority of these products are sold through the web site.

“Most of the spray booths, ovens and blast rooms that we sell are for batch applications,” Slaton commented. “While ovens in the eight-foot wide and eight-foot tall range still make up the largest portion of our sales, we are seeing a growing demand from customers looking to expand their capabilities by acquiring larger equipment.”

Slaton reports that many of these buyers are repeat customers who want ovens and booths in ten-foot to fourteen-foot widths and heights to complement the smaller versions they are already operating profitably. There is also increased interest in significantly longer spray booths and curing ovens, including models that are forty to eighty feet in length.

“Often these operators want to be able to coat and cure large-scale pieces to give them a competitive advantage over other powder coating shops in their area,” Slaton explained. “An added benefit of choosing to install larger coating equipment is that they can increase the throughput of their shops by batching several small tasks together.”

“A customer from earlier this year who bought one of our best-selling oven and booth packages is now planning to add another Reliant curing oven that will be over three times as large as his existing oven,” said Slaton. “He told us that his business had taken off right after the installation of the first oven and booth this summer. With demand growing rapidly, he originally considered adding an automated system. But after talking with his best customers, he learned that many of them needed a coater with the ability to handle larger pieces, not just get their orders out faster. Larger batch-type coating equipment is going to give him the flexibility to satisfy both of those needs,” he added.

Another factor that is spurring interest in larger-sized booths and ovens is the boom in the domestic oil business. Resurgence in exploration, drilling and energy recovery from once-dormant fields in many parts of the country has led to increased demand for powder coating systems that can accommodate the large equipment used in oil and gas production.

Michael Schuerer, President of Reliant Finishing Systems (, agrees with Slaton’s observations and confirmed that the boost in large equipment sales is being fueled from both ends of the market. “In addition to seeing a jump in orders for large equipment from job shops that have been enjoying the rewards of the powder coating boom, we are also seeing an influx of orders from large industrial corporations. Many companies that once considered installing automated, conveyor-based systems are taking another look at batch systems. Price is sometimes a factor, since a batch system typically costs less than half as much as a comparable automated system. But, in many cases, price isn’t the motivating factor at all. Potential buyers are finding that large batch equipment can give them the throughput they need, plus the added flexibility of being able to handle a much wider range of products than with an automated system,” he commented.

Reliant Finishing Systems has become the leading provider of batch-type powder coating systems in the United States, due to the company’s unique product offerings and skilled distribution network. The modular design of Reliant’s curing ovens, spray enclosures and media blasting enclosures enables the manufacturer to rapidly configure and deliver products that precisely meet each customer’s exact needs.

In addition to offering products from Reliant, Allied Finishing Solutions is heavily invested in promoting the benefits of powder coating technology. The company’s website,, is an extensive resource for companies seeking advice about powder coating equipment and techniques.

Reliant Finishing Systems To Attend Fabtech Expo This November


Reliant Finishing Systems announced they are exhibiting at the upcoming Fabtech Expo, November 12-14 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Fabtech is the largest metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing event in North America, and this year features an expanded focus on finishing providers.
Josh Strickland, Executive Director of Marketing and Brand Development, is excited to once again exhibit at Fabtech. “This is our third year attending Fabtech since moving all of our advertising and marketing efforts in-house, and every year the Fabtech Expo exceeds our expectations. Fabtech has helped us every year to grow our awareness and reach, and we are looking forward to increasing our distribution opportunities.”
FABTECH remains as North America’s largest metal forming, fabricating, and welding exposition and conference. The event exists to bring buyers and sellers of metal forming and fabricating technologies together in an environment that facilitates and accelerates business relationships.

Reliant Finishing Systems is one of the fastest growing powder coating equipment manufacturers in the United States. Based out of northern Alabama, Reliant provides both industrial automated finishing lines as well as batch powder coating ovens, spray booths, media blast rooms and custom manufactured finishing solutions. Visit Reliant Finishing Systems at booth C1862, or find them online at