Blast Booth

Blast Booths Built For Speed and Visibility


Before you begin applying a powder coating to any part or service, the part must be thoroughly cleaned of any rust, debris, paint or other contaminants that might be present. If not, the end result will not be viable. This process is called blasting or pretreating the surface. 

As you can imagine, it can be a messy process because media such as glass, beads, dirt, etc. are used to get the contaminants off the surface and make the part clean again. By utilizing a blast booth (or blast room), you keep the spent debris and media contained and it’s a much simpler cleanup. Without a blast booth, you risk material being spread all over your shop. 

Reliant Finishing Systems manufactures a complete line of custom enclosures and blast booths that are specifically designed to remove any unwanted spent media or particles safely, plus at a fraction of the cost as other solutions. 

Add A Blast Booth To Your New or Existing System

When installing or expanding your capabilities, no matter if you’re a new or experienced powder coating shop, blasting should be a top consideration to add. At Reliant Finishing Systems, we make it easy to add on a custom, high-quality blast booth or enclosure. It can be specifically designed to fit your powder coating needs. Our blast booths are some of the highest quality in the entire industry. 


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