Blast Booth Manufacturers

Reliant Finishing Systems manufactures a complete line of blast booths, rooms, and enclosures. Our blast booths are specifically designed to safely remove spent media and particles and at a fraction of the cost as other manufacturers. 

What Are Blast Booths?

The process of blasting or pretreating a surface to remove any contaminants such as rust, paint, debris, mil scale, or other contaminants is generally done inside of a blast booth. This is to ensure no spent media gets spread around the rest of your shop. The blasting process can be messy as you can imagine, and that’s where blast booths and enclosures come into play. Different types of media include glass, beads, dirt, etc. and can be dangerous if not properly contained. By utilizing a blast room or booth, you keep all of the spent media contained which makes for an easier cleanup and provides a safer environment for the operator.

Adding A Blast Booth

Whether you are starting from scratch as a new powder coater, or have an experienced powder coating shop, Reliant Finishing Systems can assist you in adding a blast booth to your production. Our high-quality blast booths can be customized and specifically designed to fit your needs. We make it easy to add blasting to your capabilities, and our blast booths are some of the top rated in the industry. 


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